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SON S.r.l. has established itself as an expert in steam generation and industrial waste heat recovery.  This expertise comes from its origins in CCT SpA, one of Italy’s most prominent leaders in boiler manufacturing, which was active until 2004.   Correspondingly, SON S.r.l. was founded in 2004 to focus on engineering and new technologies in the steam generation and heat recovery industry.    SON S.r.l. inherited a legacy of unparalleled expertise and technological know-how  with over 30 years of experience in the steam generation market.  Furthermore, SON S.r.l. has grown to become a reliable and trusted reference point for all businesses that rely on thermal and electrical energy for their industrial operations. We have helped countless businesses improve their profitability through our energy-saving solutions.

At SON S.r.l., we take pride in offering our clients a complete energy analysis followed by a customized project proposal that encompasses the most innovative energy-saving solutions available. Our team of experts is dedicated to seeking out new technologies applicable to industrial settings that guarantee we can always provide clients with the most advanced and innovative solutions that provide savings through increased efficiency and reduced emissions. Our mission at SON S.r.l. is to continually evolve our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. We are committed to focusing on industrial energy-saving solutions that provide financial and environmental benefits. We are proud to offer our clients a range of services that help improve their bottom line while reducing their environmental impact.

Why choose us?

SON S.r.l. offers more than 40 years of expertise in steam generation and heat recovery, along with a vast and reliable list of contacts in the energy industry in both a national and international level.  With their knowledge and a team of creative engineers, SON S.r.l. can find the best solutions for each customer.

From small interventions to individualized Turn Key projects, 

SON S.r.l. will help 



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