Biomass Boilers

SON S.r.l. designs and produces biomass fed water tube boilers up to 30MWth. The most suitable combustion system is based on the client’s bio waste and emission requirements.  SON S.r.l. offers a comprehensive supply scope that can extend from the fuel feeding hopper to the stack, and from the feedwater tank to the steam piping, ash transportation, and main auxiliaries. Moreover, we offer both vertical and horizontal boiler designs, whichever best suits the client’s plant layout and constraints.  SON S.r.l. provides a high degree of prefabrication, offering boiler section assembly in modules, which significantly reduces erection cost and time. A biomass fed water tube boiler is an extremely efficient solution for steam and energy production in plants that have access to bio-waste.  With SON S.r.l., clients can count on receiving a high-quality biomass boiler that meets their steam and energy needs while helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

biomass boiler
biomass fed water tube boilers

SON S.r.l. will customize your boiler to use on-site waste and turn it into energy.  Our biomass fed water tube boilers are designed to maximize energy efficiency, thus minimizing fuel consumption and creating a sustainable, low cost and reliable energy solution.  Contact us for an analysis of your workshop and we will provide you with a sustainable waste-to-energy proposal.

In addition to designing, manufacturing and supplying a biomass fed water tube boiler, SON S.r.l. is also committed to offering its clients a comprehensive range of aftermarket support.  With its partnership with CCT Service, SON S.r.l. offers ongoing maintenance to ensure continued success of all their products.

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