Water Tube Steam Generators

SON S.r.l.  supplies  Water Tube Steam Generators that can burn natural gas, oil, syngas, and H2-based fuels.   Designed to meet the needs of a wide range of clients, these Steam Generators can  produce saturated or superheated steam.  

Water tube steam generators, also known as water tube boilers, are an efficient and economical way to generate steam.  They operate by circulating heated water through a system of small tubes that are arranged in a cylindrical or vertical shape.  The heated water acts as a heat transfer medium and provides a fast heat exchange rate.  SON S.r.l. offers  generators  with a steam capacity of up to 50t/h and can accommodate pressures up to 60 bar, which makes them ideal for a variety of different applications.  

These boilers use water as a heat carrier and offer a number of benefits compared to traditional fire tube steam generators.    The combustion process in water tube boilers is generally more efficient compared to fire tube designs.  The larger heating surface  allows for more stable and sustained steam output.  Furthermore, these boilers are able to better handle varying loads and different combustion fuels.  Therefore, the reliability of a water tube steam generator is higher, as they can operate at higher pressures and temperatures and produce steam faster.  This faster steam production greatly reduces the load imposed on other parts of the steam production system.

SON S.r.l. gets its origins from the expertise of one of Italy’s most prominent leaders in boiler manufacturing, CCT SpA, which was active until 2004.   SON S.r.l. inherited this legacy of unparalleled expertise and technological know-how which it now applies to a wider range of power producing products.  The experience gained from CCT SpA can be summarized by the following figures:

+50 Power Boilers

+20 Waste Heat/Waste to Energy Boilers

+10 Heat Recovery Boilers (downstream Gas Turbines)

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