Heat Recovery Steam Generators

SON S.r.l. proposes itself for the engineering and turnkey supply of a Heat Recovery Steam Generator.   HRSGs are used to recover heat from the exhaust of gas turbines or other combustion processes.  This recovered heat can be converted into useful thermal energy or used in combined cycle plants, which optimize the efficiency of turbines by producing saturated or superheated steam downstream from gas turbines.  An HRSG functions by exchanging heat with the hot exhaust gases from the turbine, and then storing it or transferring it to other equipment.  HRSGs can be designed to produce steam at a given pressure and temperature, allowing for various turbine designs and applications.


SON S.r.l provides an analysis of the clients workshop conditions, operational flow as well as a study of production goals.

This analysis will  determine the suitable operating mode for a proposed HRSG.  Understanding the production demands, an HRSGs can be designed to include multiple pressure levels, empowering them to deliver steam of differing temperatures.  This is achieved by the inclusion of economizers, evaporators and superheaters within the HRSG.  

Economizers are located at the inlet of the HRSG, and reduce the temperature of the exhaust gases entering the machine,  Evaporators heat and vaporize the lower pressure steam, while the superheaters increase the temperature of high-pressure steam.

 HRSGs are designed to optimize the efficiencies in Combined Cycle Plants.  Without and HRSG, Combined Cycle plants would be limited in their efficiency, as exhaust heat from the turbine would be wasted.

SON S.r.l. through its partnership with CCT SERVICE, is able to create and erect HRSG modules which reduces delivery time.


Erection of HRSG modulular

Increase Energy Efficiency with a HRSG

SON S.r.l. is able to supply HRSGs designed to operate in the following modes:

    • Simple recovery:   the boiler exploits the thermal energy contained in the turbine exhaust gases to produce saturated or superheated steam.
    •  Post-firing:   using, in addition to the thermal power, also the residual oxygen contained in the turbine exhaust gases for the additional combustion of natural gas (or other fuel) and thus increase the production of steam.
    • Fresh-air:   when the turbine is not available, it is possible to continue producing steam by exploiting the combustion of natural gas (or other fuel) using air provided by a forced-draught fan system.
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