SON S.r.l. is dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of its customers, providing a complete range of solutions and products that guarantee energy savings and reduce environmental impact. With expert engineering and design capabilities, along with strategic partnerships, SON S.r.l. is committed to providing a wide range of sustainable products to increase efficiency, reduce harmful emissions and optimize energy resources. With various industrial projects, SON S.r.l. has established itself as a reference point for all businesses that use thermal and electrical energy for industrial purposes. Founded from years in the industrial boiler market, SON S.r.l. has the necessary expertise to design and manufacture steam generators and energy recovery products. With the workshop of CCT SERVICE, SON S.r.l. is able to manufacture tailor-made products specific to the needs of each of its clients.

SON S.r.l. inherited a legacy of unparalleled expertise and technological know-how in boiler manufacturing.

SON S.r.l. offers advanced biomass-fed water tube boilers for efficient energy production from on-site biomass waste.

SON S.r.l. began its operations with a focus on the Waste Heat Recovery market. Today, SON S.r.l. continues to serve this market with WHR units specifically engineered and manufactured to meet its clients’ needs.

With heat recovery and steam generation as its backbone, SON S.r.l. is able to design and supply top of the line HRSG units.

SON S.r.l. can implement a steam expander in any project to help improve the overall efficiency and performance of steam systems.

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