”  SON S.r.l. commits to offer its customers the best products and services for energy efficiency while pursuing and promoting sustainable growth through the reduction of production costs and energy savings.”

The Management of SON S.r.l. operates a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with ISO 9001:2015 certification.  In line with corporate values, this policy defines the general guidelines in which to meet our objectives, as well as the times, methodologies, responsibilities and resources to achieve them.

To achieve our objectives and to support continuous improvement, the Management of SON S.r.l. pledges to:

      • keep its Quality System active and effective, as well as ensuring compliance with the reference sector regulations and with the additional requirements that the company voluntarily intends to satisfy;
      • understand the needs of its customers and other interested parties, establishing stable relationships with them and working towards the satisfaction of their needs and expectations, as well as for compliance with all the agreed and implicit requirements;
      • involve all staff to ensure the effective performance of activities, ensuring adequate training, as well as appropriate awareness, education and information;
      • make available the resources adequate to achieve the objectives, compatibly with the possibilities of the company ;
      • use qualified suppliers, involving them in the pursuit of corporate objectives, constantly verifying and monitoring their work;
      • guarantee the evaluation and quality control of its activities, also through monitoring and periodic inspections, overseeing the various processes and their correct execution;
      • keep records of the activities carried out which influence quality and any complaints from customers, as well as provide for their analysis to pursue the effectiveness and efficiency of the system, highlight potential non-conformities and promote their solution;
      • keep this document updated through a periodic review that ensures its constant suitability for the purposes of the Organization.

SON S.r.l. also maintains the ISO 45001:2018 certificate ensuring a healthy and safe environment for its employees.

Luca Perego

General Director

SON S.r.l.

ISO 9001 version 2015

Certifies the quality of SON S.r.l.’s management system, to assure our customers and partners that we will provide quality services and products meeting all stakeholders' needs and expectations.

ISO 45001 version 2018

Certifies the effectiveness and conformity of our systems to ensure a Healthy and Safe environment for the employees of SON S.r.l.

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