Legnano (MI) Italy
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Glass mill

Project Description










Steam In/Out


HP 204

400 kW

18/ 0,8 barg



The client, is a customized glass manufacturing company that originated as a handcraft plant located in Milan. With 80 years of History, the company has always taken the initiative to be a pioneer in its production processes, starting with the introduction of an oxy fuel oven in the 90’s. Particularly attentive to the environment, the company was the first Italian glass mill to insert a flue gas treatment system. The company continues to remain at the forefront of seeking innovative solutions to maximize the efficiency of its processes and maintain a low carbon footprint.



The project focused on energy recuperation from the exhaust of the ovens, which was being released into the atmosphere. The maximum power capacity produced from the exhaust was valued at 4800 kWt. The objective of the project was to recuperate the thermal energy of the exhaust (up to 750 mg/Nm3) at 860° C. This energy, recuperated with a heat exchanger, is utilized to feed an electric generator that produces thermal energy on the district heating loop of Milan.



The solution proposed a saturated steam boiler along with HELIEX POWER technology for the combined production of thermal and electrical heat. This solution guaranteed the security to use nonflammable fluids inside the high temperature exhaust flow. The wet steam produced by the steam generator at high pressure, feeds the HELIEX POWER GenSet which in turn regulates the pressure inside the boiler, giving steam to district heating. Utilizing the pressure differences between the steam generator and the steam and the heat exchanger of the district heating, the gen set produces electric energy for auto consumption in the factory. With this installation, the client also conserves water, once used for the cooling of smoke, as well as a decrease in the energy consumption of the extraction fan. The plant is now able to take part in High Efficiency Cogeneration incentives.

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