Legnano (MI) Italy
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Biomass Sawmill

Project Description




Steam In/Out

Biomass – Sawmill

HP 145

132 kW

12/0,8 barg



The client,a private sawmill located at a Trentino mountain village, developed a biomass fed district heating system. The company, established in the early 2000s, uses the available resource of wood waste from their factory as a fuel for the plant.



The project proposed the installation of a HELIEX POWER screw expander with the capacity to produce electrical energy following the load variation of the district heating loop.
The objective of the intervention was to produce combined electrical power (with incentives) along with thermal energy. The projected power produced by the plant is estimated to be 700,000 kWh/year.



The solution of installing a HELIEX POWER screw Expander took only 15 days to set up and has left only a marginal footprint within the main building. Thanks to the flexibility of the HELIEX POWER screw expander, the plant is able to optimize the production of electrical energy following the heat demands of the district heating.
The control system of the HELIEX POWER screw expander makes it possible for the machine to produce electrical energy in balance with the thermal requirements of the plant, increasing the overall efficiency of the CHP plant.
This application was entered into the national incentives program, FER (Renewable Energy Resources), offering the client access to a feed in tariff that offers a price for power generated at 240 €/MWh.

Project Details