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Biomass ORC industrial

Project Description








Water In/Out

Biomass – Industrial
ORC 40 ft
315 kW
90 °C / 70 °C



The client,in the small German village of Hövelhof, had a cogeneration biomass fed plant installed with a TURBODEN ORC producing electrical power at 1000kWe. The ORC cycle supplied hot water to be used for industrial processes and district heating. Running at full power to maximize electrical energy production, dispersing part of the heat into the atmosphere whenever the district heating loop is not absorbing the heat.



The solution,proposed by ERATIONAL, was the introduction of an E-RATIONAL ORC with the capacity to utilize the available waste heat up to 4000kWth at an inlet temperature of 90°C to generate power.
With the Installation of an E-RATIONAL ORC, the excess heat could be converted into emission-free electricity, increasing the overall efficiency of the system while minimizing the cooling cost and optimizing the use of the available thermal power, and thus maximizing further the production possibilities of the TURBODEN ORC.

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