SON S.r.l. designs and engineers project and products to maximize industrial efficiency, resulting in higher profits and less  emissions  for its clients.


SON S.r.l. with the workshop of CCT Service are dedicated to providing exceptional products to our valued clients. We take great pride in our technical designs, which are meticulously crafted with the highest manufacturing and performance standards in mind. We understand the importance of tailoring our products to meet the specific needs of each client’s workshop. That’s why we take the time to carefully assess and analyze our clients’ steam demands, ensuring that we create boilers that are perfectly suited for their unique requirements. Our manufacturing facilities is located in Northern Italy, where our experienced team of quality control and project managers oversee every aspect of the production process to guarantee the highest level of excellence.


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Steam Expanders

SON S.r.l., we start by analyzing our clients’ existing conditions and goals which enables a team of experienced engineers to design a project with the best products to specifically meet each client’s unique requirements.However, our commitment to our clients does not stop there. After installation, we are proud to offer ongoing service and support through our partnership with CCT SERVICE to ensure the lasting success of our projects.

We know that every company is different, and that is why we take great care to customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of every business we work with. From start to finish, we provide comprehensive support and ensure that our clients have the tools they need to reach their goals. At SON S.r.l., we are dedicated to excellence and always strive to exceed our clients’ expectations.