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SON offers its clients two highly innovative products capable of producing electricity using both steam and other fluids (water or oil) with temperature levels that no other technology is currently able to exploit.

HELIEX POWER Ltd is a Scotland based company founded in 2010. The technology was originally conceived in the City University, London when Ian Smith, professor of Applied Thermodynamics and Professor Nikola Stosic began working together on twin screw machines.  The technology of the Heliex Screw Expander is an innovative solution in that it is able to utilize saturated (steam title up to 75%) steam.  Today SON offers its clients the HP 145 and HP 204 with a range of applications and an energy savings that allow a payback within three years.


The Heliex GenSet harnesses saturated process steam and generates low cost electricity that can be used onsite or sold back to the grid.
With no disruption to your plant production, the system is easy to install, provides tailored outputs from 70 to 630 kW based on your specific requirements.
Industries from pharmaceuticals to farming, biomass to waste incineration, have all increased profitability and enhanced sustainability due to the installation of a Heliex GenSet.
The Heliex GenSet has three different applications: 

  • Fossil Fuels
  • Biomass
  • Waste Heat Recovery (WHR)

A complete range of industrial compressed air pressures and flow-rates can be generated from industrial saturated steam.
Any process that generates waste steam and requires compressed air will benefit from the Heliex AirComp.
Using the same technology as the original Heliex GenSet, this application generates high efficiency compressed air more economically than a traditional electrical generator by exploiting onsite process steam.
The Heliex AirComp is a unique air compressor. It combines the benefits of Heliex’s steam expander technology, with standard industrial air compressor technology, creating an efficient ‘plug and play,’ package.
Integrated alongside the existing steam pressure reduction valve, the Heliex AirComp reduces all or part of the available steam flow to drive a Heliex expander and generate compressed air.
With an output of instrument air between 7 and 10 Bar G, the Heliex AirComp is an economical way of generating compressed air.

A cost-effective way to revitalize low pressure steam.
Use the Heliex SteamComp to capture your low-pressure steam and re-energize it for use in your processes.
Many industrial processes produce low pressure steam, either from the outlet of a process or as flash steam after the pressure of high temperature condensate is reduced.
Usually the steam is condensed and the resulting water returned to the boiler, where it’s heated and converted back into steam. This process is inefficient because energy is expended to convert the steam to water and then again to convert it back to steam.
The Heliex SteamComp re-compresses the steam, taking it directly from a low pressure to a higher pressure, providing a highly efficient, low energy alternative to condensing and then re-vaporizing it in a boiler. 

E-RATIONAL, a division of BEP Europe, based in Bruges, is the first Belgian enterprise to provide the world with a compact solution for converting waste heat into green sustainable energy.

As a company, BEP Europe has 30 years of experience as equipment manufacturer for automation projects, end of line test equipment for automotive industry and industrial set-ups for reliability testing of vehicles. Determined to generate growth, the development of ORC machines was a logical move towards new markets. The experience of developing new products and the close cooperation with local universities were a good basis to develop the E-RATIONAL ORC machine.


E-RATIONAL ORC units focus on two temperature ranges. Low Temperature ORCs convert waste heat between 85°C and 105 °C while High Temperature machines valorize heat from 105 °C up to 150 °C.  E-RATIONAL ORC units are heat powered by hot water, low pressure steam or thermal oil coming from a variety of heat sources:  waste heat from industrial processes, residual heat from CHP units, excess heat from district heating nets, geothermal heat, … With the capacity of generating power between 55 and 740 kW along with its control system the E-RATIONAL ORC has the capacity to auto adapt to the variable conditions of produced power.
One unit can valorize up to 7 MWth, producing up to 500 kW

Condensing low pressure waste steam is one of the many applications. Higher efficiencies can be obtained by using internal heat recuperators.

ORC-AC: The E-Rational ORC Air Compressor is based on the same technology of a standard ORC, only the electric generator is replaced with a compressor able to produce compressed air.