Legnano (MI) Italy
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Project Description








Steam In/Out

CHP 1125 kW – PRV


315 kW

18/3,5 barg



The client,a historical chemical plant, took the initiative to update its facility with a large-scale project, focused on improving energy efficiency.
Since the late 1960s, the plant had been equipped with 3800kW thermoelectric power plant to meet internal thermal and power needs. The client came to SON Srl inquiring about innovative technologies in cogeneration.



The project, conceived in an effort to bring an aging plant into a new millennium, replaced the outdated thermoelectric system with a new cogeneration system. This new system combines the best available technologies for maximizing energy efficiency.



The solution was a complete renovation of the central heating with a cogeneration system equipped with a HELIEX POWER Screw Expander. The cogeneration system is composed of an internal combustion engine of 800kWe to produce electrical energy, hot water from the cooling system and low pressure steam.
The internal combustion engine is flanked to a new smoke tubes boiler for the production of saturated steam to supply heating needs to the plant. The steam produced by the boiler at high pressure (18 barg) is processed by the Gen Set HP204 and reduced to a useful pressure for production processes while generating power. The GenSET is controlled by the PLC of the system and is able to follow the thermal needs of the plant and adapt to varying conditions automatically.
The CHP solution with the HELIEX POWER screw expander renders the plant energy efficient, offering increased economic advantages from TEE for CAR. The HELIEX unit is fitted with a heavy duty set of seals to avoid any possibility of steam contamination and an HE to maintain the steam downstream of the HELIEX POWER screw expander at the desire dryness degree.

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