Legnano (MI) Italy
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Project Description








Steam In/Out


HP 204

400 kW

16/3,5 barg



The client,a chemical plant situated in the province of Mantova, Italy began producing formaldehyde during the 1970s. Since that time, the plant has grown with the installation of 5 different reactors for the production of formaldehyde. Belonging to a larger group involved in wood recycling, the company has always had the objective to define itself as an Eco-Ethical company, seeking to reduce the environmental impact of their activities on the local environment.



The project sought to utilize wet steam from the cooling process during the production of the formaldehyde. In an effort to reduce production costs, the installation of a HELIEX POWER screw expander was proposed to generate power while reducing the steam pressure in bypass to the existing PRV. The machine also regulates the steam pressure inside the evaporating chamber of the reactor.


The solution was to install the HP204, a HELIEX POWER screw expander with a generator of 400kW. The machine has the flexibility to respond to different loads of steam coming from the production reactors and has the capacity to work with steam title of up to 75%. The HELIEX POWER system is the only steam expander that while regulating the downstream pressure allows power generation from a wet steam stream.
The generation of electrical energy without the consumption of combustible fossils, has made it possible for the client to achieve Energy Efficiency incentives.

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