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Biomass Industrial

Project Description








Steam In Out

Biomass – Industrial

HP 145

160 kW

15/ 0,8 o 4 barg




The client,a district heating plant owned by a large multinational Food & Beverage company, had the objective to supply needed steam to a nearby production facility and the town’s district heating loop.
A biomass plant made it possible to turn off the preexisting oil fueled boiler, making the thermal energy generation for the Stelvio park community more environmentally friendly.



The project,developed for this biomass plant, allows the technology of the HELIEX POWER screw expander to work for both the civil heating steam loop at 0,8 barg and the industrial process needs at 4 barg.



The solution, proposed by SON Srl, integrates the HELIEX POWER steam screw expander into the control system of the plant. The GenSet HP145, depending on the needed downstream pressure, adapts its operating parameters, generating power while supplying thermal energy at the required pressure. The GenSet makes it possible to completely process the steam generated from the biomass fed boiler, making the plant fully cogenerative.
The setup of this plant fulfills both the thermal uses of the industrial plant (producing bottled water) along with the district heating within the nearby town. The power generated by the HELIEX POWER application comes with the incentive of achieving GREEN CERTIFICATES.

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