CCT Service

In order to fulfill our mission of supplying our clients with a complete offering of energy-saving solutions, we guarantee full support to the life cycle of steam production plants with quick response and professional service.

Our specialized personnel in SERVICE come with experience in repairing and maintaining Industrial Boilers such as, Idrotermici, Pensotti, and CCT, among others.  International experience and know-how authorize our personnel to optimize the performance and extended residual plant life of a production plant, with respect to current laws and regulations.

SON/CCT Service offers professional, timely service to minimize downtime of an operating plant

Our deep knowledge of the product allows us to intervene in practically every type of boiler, whether it be for the production of energy, steam production for industrial processes, heating or burning biomass/waste.

SERVICES  include but are not limited to:

Conversions/combustible modification

Improving Efficiency

Retrofitting and Revamping

Reduced Emissions

Combustion Management Systems

Regulation and Control Systems

Part Replacement