Our Philosophy

SON is ready to work with clients in a range of industries, small and large. The client is central to every project, with ongoing communication from start to finish. All our projects are tailor-made for individual clients seeking higher profits and less waste. We stand behind our products and clients, offering continued support to ensure the on-going success of our installations.

Engineering Services

At SON, we have a team of engineers available to design and develop a POWER GENERATION SYSTEM,  HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR (HRSG), COGENERATION and/or WASTE HEAT RECOVERY (WHR) system, individualized for your site and suitable for a variety of applications, including in particular conditions such as high dust or corrosive environments.  The process begins with an analysis of your site, the existing conditions, and industrial processes, as well as specific requirements including usage of electrical and thermal energy.   Our team will then select and modify the appropriate equipment to improve the efficiency of in-house electrical and thermal needs.