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About Us

SON Srl was establishedd in 2004, with a foundation of more than 30 years working experience in the power generation market and extensive knowledge of industial boilers.  As one of the first dealers of large sale ORCs in Italy, SON recognized a movement towards distributed power generation among smaller sized generators in a new market: WASTE HEAT RECOVERY.

Today, SON has become a reference point for all businesses that use thermal and electrical energy for industrial purposes and are striving to improve the profitability of their processes through proven ENERGY-EFFICIENT and COGENERATIVE solutions, which are economically and technically sound. We offer our clients a complete energy analysis, followed by a proposal for a customized project encompassing the most innovative ENERGY-SAVING solutions available.  We have the resources to see any project through, from enginineering to erection, as well as  SERVICE to clients in need of repairs, maintence and/or on-sight technical assistance.

SON’s management system has been certified according to the standard ISO 9001:2015 by RINA.  The ISO 9001 certified management system covers the Engineering, Design, Supply, Delivery and T/K Erection of Heat Recovery Systems and Maintence and Service of existing steam generators.  This success is a result of always aiming to improve our products and services and could not have been achieved without tight cooperation within the company.

Our Research

At SON, we seek out new technologies applicable for industrial settings so that we may always offer our clients the most innovative solutions that promise ECONOMIC SAVINGS through increased ENERGY EFFICIENCY and the added advantage of REDUCED EMISSIONS.  SON has designed and developed an array of HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATORS (HRSGs), direct-fired boilers using solid and gaseous fuels, along with WASTE HEAT RECOVERY (WHR) projects integrated into various industrial processes.

In 2012 SON Srl began to collaborate with HELIEX POWER Ltd, which was in the process of developing a new steam screw expander capable of working with wet (saturated) steam on a continuous basis.  SON supported HELIEX POWER with field testing of the machine in Italy and after further research and development, the first commercial machine was ready to be installed at a steel factory in 2013.

Why choose us?

SON offers its clients 40 plus years of expertise in steam generation and heat recovery along with a vast and reliable list of contacts within the energy sector on both a national and international level.   Experience and know-how, along with a team of innovative-thinking engineers give SON Srl all the necessary resources to find the BEST SOLUTION for every client.  

From small interventions to individualized turnkey projects, SON will help IMPROVE your PROFITS with ENERGY-SAVING SOLUTIONS.